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Equality & Diversity

We aim to ensure equality for all residents. To achieve this we have agreed the following Equality Promises.

We will:
  • make sure that anyone can access our services.
  • make sure that services are designed and delivered to address the needs of our residents and stakeholders.
  • make sure that service uptake is representative of our residents and local communities.
  • make sure we use contractors and suppliers who embrace our equality commitments.
  • assess the impact of our services from an equality point of view.
  • improve the way we collect and use resident information.
  • ensure we provide equality in the workplace and for potential employees.
  • prioritise equality issues so that we can keep our promises.

Equality Champions

Solon's Equality Champions meet monthly to discuss issues or concerns surrounding people being able to fairly access the services we provide. They also review progress to make sure Solon is meeting the equality promises listed above.

The Equality Champions have recently been involved in:
  • Making sure equality is included in all our policies.
  • Reviewing performance against our equality strategy.
  • Analysing the information we have collected about how fair our services are to all in order to work out what we can improve on. (You can download some examples of these reports on the right hand side of this page)
  • Revising equality questions that are included in the annual staff survey.
This group is currently made up of 5 members of staff. Residents have attended these meetings in the past but we have not yet got a regular resident member. If you are a resident and are interested in attending a meeting, or would like to find out more then please contact Rebecca Bellingham on 0117 9167792 or email her on rebecca_bellingham@solonswha.co.uk.
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