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Our Performance

We aim to be a 3 star service. 

We also want to be open about our performance. You can always get in touch with us if you would like information on our in any area. 


We measure our performance through monthly Key Performance Indicators which go to the Board and Committees.  We also measure satisfaction in all areas of our service. The main satisfaction survey is our STAR survey which we do every two years. You can read our most recent report by downloading it opposite. It shows the progress we have made since our last survey. 

One of the other ways we measure our performance is by assessing ourselves against our Service Standards. We do this every year. Our most recent report is opposite. 

We share our performance with our residents through our annual report- there is a link to this opposite. We also include performance information in our newsletter which sets out how we performed against the indicators that our residents told us are the most important to them. There is a link to this opposite as well. 

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